Welcome to Symmetrical Rails

Symmetrical Rails is a powerful REST API that gives any developer access to world-class, international payroll infrastructure that can be embedded directly into any software. We enable you to run payroll for your clients, read payroll data, access payroll cashflows but also to programatically hire people, all in a few lines of code. Single integration covers multiple geographies.

Symmetrical Rails API is bundled with Symmetrical Objects - microservice-like features that can be copy-pasted into your solution to speed up go-to-market.

Core components of our API:
• RUN Payroll - build a payroll feature within your platform with ease
• SYNC Payroll - securely connect with payroll data and orchestrate it within your systems
• ROUTE Payroll - programmable salary payments, white label earned wage access
• HIRE - API-only employer of record service built into your platform

Symmetrical Objects you can use in your platform:
• ONBOARD - prebuilt digital job offer and onboarding module
• DASHBOARD - prebuilt HR dashboard module
• APP - white label mobile app or SDK for your employee app

Our REST API is here to allow you easy management of employees, contractors, documents, payroll events and payments. As specified, API also works for reporting purposes and 3rd party partners data access.

In the following sections you will find specifications for access methods, authentication and API data objects. Afterwards, you can find API specification details, divided into following objects:

• Company
• Employees
• Contractors
• Benefits
• Deductions
• Credits
• Payroll
• Payslip
• Payments
• Reporting
• Services for Partners

Once you get familiar with our API specification, contact us to obtain API key for Sandbox environment. After we mutually decide that our integration is ready to roll, we will switch to production environment.